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About Us

About Us

Associated Propert Management About Us

Associated Property Management was formed officially in June 1989 to engage in property management, construction and development of property and investing in real estate by George W. Stone, Sr.

Mr. Stone started his career as a carpenter when he was a teenager and worked his way up to eventually forming his own construction company in his late 20’s.  During this time his primary area of concentration was building housing developments.  He would purchase either single lots or subdivisions, develop them, build the homes and then sell them.

In 1974 he decided to expand into the commercial field and built his first 12,000 sq. ft. office building.  Over the next 30 years he continued building commercial buildings, leasing them and managing them in-house at Associated Property Management.    Most of the properties are located in Anne Arundel County with the exception of two buildings in Baltimore City.  These two buildings were the only two out of the entire inventory that he purchased as “run down” buildings needing major renovations. He loved looking at these types of properties, imagining how he could improve them and then completely renovating them.  These two properties date back to the 1700’s and are in beautiful condition today.

For many years his two sons and daughter were involved in the business and it became a very family oriented business.  All the other employees have been with the company for many years and possess a wealth of knowledge about the business.   Our mission statement has always been to keep the tenants happy so we are very proud of our service commitment.

Unfortunately we lost Mr. Stone in 2006, but the tradition continues.  We have close to 750,000 sq. ft. of commercial buildings, made up of office, retail, warehouse and flex space.  All the staff was trained by the “best” and continue to follow his traditions of keeping the buildings occupied, well maintained and the tenants happy.

Mr. Stone was a big supporter of charities.  As part of his legacy the George W. Stone Family Foundation was formed and it continues each year to contribute to organizations that Mr. Stone trusted and believed in.

Our Team

Carole Gilbert

Carole joined Mr. Stone in 1974 and has been part of the journey almost since the beginning.  Although her initial training had not been in construction or leasing, when Mr. Stone approached her. He asked if he built a commercial building, did she think she could lease it.  Her response was “I can try anything once, so yes, I can do it”.  They both learned as they went along as more and more buildings were built.  For many years Carole was the only person doing the leasing.  During that time she would do the initial tenant layout, estimate the cost of improvements, and follow everything through to lease execution.  As the size of the inventory increased and other employees joined the family, she gave up full time leasing and got involved more in the actual management of the company.  She was appointed by Mr. Stone’s family and Board of Trustees as President of APM when Mr. Stone passed away in 2006.  She continues to oversee the everyday operation of the business as well as serve on the Board of Trustees for the George W. Stone Family Trust, runs the George W. Stone Family Foundation as well as the estate of Stefan Stone, Mr. Stone’s younger son who we lost in 2011.   She has a daughter who has given her two beautiful granddaughters. She enjoys traveling, hiking and taking beautiful pictures of all of the wonderful places she sees. If you are a tenant in our Crain Professional Center you will even see her beautiful pictures lining the hallways.

Kelly Cashen

Starting at the age of 17, Kelly Cashen began working with George Stone at Associated Property Management in 1985. Within a few short years, she decided to venture to the building side of the business working with Wes Stone at APM’s sister company, Weston Builders. While serving as President for many years at Weston, Kelly is also the Vice President and leasing agent at APM. Kelly is a proud mother of two beautiful children with her husband of almost 30 years.

Rhonda Dunmyer

Rhonda has been the Accounting Manager for APM since November of 1999. As the accounting manager she is in charge of collecting and processing all of the tenant’s payments and accounts in house. She also handles all of the accounts payable for our many vendors.

Victoria (Tori) Mason

Tori has been with APM since May of 2010. After starting in the maintenance department, she transitioned into the full-time leasing agent. Starting in the maintenance department allowed her to get to know each tenant and to gain a vast knowledge of the buildings. This knowledge would serve her well as she started to lease the available suites to new tenants. This background in the maintenance, construction, and build-out aspects of the properties continues to serve her well. Whether you are a current tenant looking to expand or a new tenant looking to find that perfect space, she strives to find homes for tenants that will suit their needs and allow their business to excel. We strive to do all we can to make your business in our building successful.

Kayla Hertz

Kayla began her journey with APM recently in the maintenance department, starting in September of 2014. Quickly she has become a favorite among the tenants as she strives to provide the best customer service. The maintenance department is a vital part of APM and concentrates on fulfilling all of the tenants needs for maintenance inside their suites as well as at the business parks. In conjunction with our maintenance men in the field, all incoming calls are distributed and executed in timely and effective manner. All of our maintenance is handled in house, so there are no back logs of calls or waiting for an appointment. You call and we take care of it! While working for APM she is also pursuing her degree.

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