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Business Trends for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Business Trends for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of business savvy folk. Not only are they focused, driven and successful, they are also constantly improving, contributing to and changing the way we do business.  It’s no surprise that Millennials have changed the workforce, which changes the way we do business. Learn more about what else will be trending in 2017.

1. Enhanced Customer Service

The best brands will focus on customer experience, service, and engagement. As companies grow their brand online, relationships will matter. Entrepreneurs and small business owners will excel with personalizing their customers’ experiences. It isn’t just about the product or service, but how you engage with your clients.

2. Becomings Marketers and Publishers

It isn’t enough to just run a business these days. More and more young business professionals see the importance of marketing, content development, and branding with online and offline assets. There is a trend toward more art and beauty, instead of products for product’s sake. Make your message/brand mean something.

3. Women in Business

This isn’t a new trend, but it is growing. Women in the marketplace are often more educated and just as willing to put in the necessary work to be successful. According to Forbes, there is now more female than male entrepreneurs. Also, these women inspire others around the globe plus have the ability to influence across many classes and cultures.

4. Mobility is Freedom

Savvy entrepreneurs are demanding tech products and apps that break the binds to the traditional office. As a result, more business is not only taking place remotely but physically. Meaning, fewer ties to the desk equals more interpersonal business dealings.

5. Less Work, More Play

It is not that today’s entrepreneurs are lazy. Quite the contrary. They are just as hard working as ever. However, they are giving themselves and their employees permission to enjoy their successes. Hence, they are coming up with inventive ways to work smarter, not harder. These business leaders are infusing their passions with work to lead to more meaningful pathways and profitability.

6. Offering Helpful Advice

As we noted about, more companies are becoming publishers. Associated Property Management also see’s the value in offering our tenants a blog with small business advice. More brands will continue this trend in 2017. At a minimum, having a website is important. With blogs and more content, consumers feel a connection, that the company really cares. This translates into increased sales time and again.

Associated Property Management is a company who cares. We find these business trends for savvy entrepreneurs fascinating!  APM is family owned and operated, therefore we believe strongly in values and helping our clients. We are in the business of helping your business succeed. Looking for the perfect location for your company? Seeking to improve and grow? We can help. Contact us today to learn more. 

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