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20 Ways to Appreciate Employees

20 Ways to Appreciate Employees

Why should you make an effort to appreciate employees? Taking the time to thank your staff will do wonders for morale. Studies have shown that when employees are happy, production increases by 12%. Little thanks will go a long way, and your company will reap the benefits of increased motivation, productivity, loyalty and employee retention.

  1. Business People Having Meeting And Eating Pizza

    Some times it is the simple things, like pizza for lunch, that makes your employees feel appreciated.

    Individual Recognition
    When an employee achieves a milestone or a customer compliments on work done, take the time to let them know about it. We all appreciate having our efforts acknowledged.

  2. Premium Parking
    A designated “Employee of the Month” parking spot can be invaluable in a city or large parking lots.
  3. Pizza (or Donut or Cake) Parties
    Do you really need a reason to have pizza, (or donuts or cake)? Consider designating regular mini-celebrations weekly, or monthly, where the office gathers to hang out, snack and chat.
  4. Themed Casual Fridays
    Casual Fridays have become pretty standard in the workplace. Why not throw in an extra twist and make it Hawaiian, Holiday (think ugly sweater), or Halloween themed?
  5. Special Day Off Reward
    Offer an additional day off with pay as a reward to an employee who accomplishes a major goal.
  6. Support a Charity
    Have an office-wide food donation collection, offer to volunteer, put together care packages for soldiers. A company that gives will receive so much in return.
  7. Team Building Activities
    Gather everyone together for an after hours activity to encourage team building, like organized sports, happy hours, or other pre-planned activities.
  8. Open Door Policy
    Encourage employees to be open and honest, and that feedback is not a complaint but valued. Make sure to listen with an open ear and mind, and take the conversation to heart.
  9. Vouchers for Dry Cleaning
    If your office is formal, you know that dry cleaning can be quite an expense. Give vouchers as rewards for accomplishments.
  10. Ways to Appreciate Employees with Dogs at Work

    Dogs help relieve stress and more business are seeing the benefits of letting employees bring in their pets.

    Company BBQ
    Organize an annual company picnic to gather employees and their families.

  11. Birthday Lunches
    Offer to buy lunch for an employee for his or her birthday. It is a gesture that employees will look forward to every year.
  12. Dog Day Afternoon
    If your building regulations allow it, and no one is allergic, encourage your staff to bring their pets to work. Studies have shown that animals in the workplace induce a happy and peaceful atmosphere which encourages productivity.
  13. Close Early, Open Late
    This policy could be helpful especially in holiday seasons or nontraditional days off like St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo.
  14. Tuition Reimbursements
    Encourage employees to further their career or learn the latest industry technology by offering full or partial tuition reimbursements. Consider it an investment for your company’s future.
  15. Gym Membership Discounts
    Studies have shown that desk jockeys may experience a decline in health. There are many benefits to having a healthy workforce, so give your staff the ability to workout before or after work.
  16. Team Jerseys
    Folks love feeling like they are part of a team. Have everyone work together to design a team jersey (t-shirt or polo). Designate a monthly casual Friday for everyone to show unity by donning their jersey.
  17. Friendly Competition
    Create regular contests that everyone can participate in throughout the year. Have fun rewards like gift cards to outdoor adventures and favorite restaurants, or create a Kitschy prize that the office voraciously vies for every time.
  18. Appreciation Jar
    It may seem elementary, but this one can encourage staff unity. Pull a name from the jar and have everyone say or do something nice for that person.
  19. New Chairs
    Offer to get comfy chairs or in keeping with a healthy theme, why not purchase exercise balls as chairs? They help develop better core strength and balance.
  20. Work Anniversary Recognition
    Every year make a point to recognize your employees’ start date anniversaries. Along with birthdays, this will make your stack feel unique and special and appreciated.

While it is important to keep the environment professional, there are many ways to recognize employee efforts and have fun. No matter the size of your business, this is your work family; you spend at least 8 hours a day with these folks. Associated Property Management understands a happy workplace is a productive workplace. Utilize only a few of these or find you own methods to appreciate employees and you will see a difference!

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